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The design expertise you need

Because most people aren't design experts, or even consider themselves proficient in the art of graphic design, Neetz Printing Inc. has graphic designers on staff to help you with these common needs.


Whether it's choosing the right fonts that are pleasing to a reader, designing a natural and flowing layout of your collateral, or giving you a simple logo that stands out, you'll find the support you're looking for to help you when a non-existent marketing department can't.

Typesetting design

One of the main design services at Neetz Printing Inc., typesetting from our designers allows you to rely on experts of design that know the nuances of alignment and type to give your readers a fluid and optically-pleasing piece.

Example projects

 •  Ads

 •  Brochures

 •  Business Cards

 •  Flyers

The design service and expertise you need

When you need to rely on someone for something you're not an expert in, getting supreme customer service is essential. That's why our team ensures that you have the care you need to produce exactly what you want and ensure your happiness and satisfaction.

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